Restaurant Digital
Marketing Services

Restaurant Digital
Marketing Services

Customers have many options when they’re dining out and if you’re seeking to grow your restaurant business, you need to engage in digital marketing services. Often, though, simply running your business takes up most of your time, with precious little left over to upgrade your website or leverage social media in your favor. That’s where we come in. As a professional digital marketing service, we use 5 powerful tools that can help you reach new customers, improve your visibility online, and maximize your profit. Here’s what we do:

Website Design and SEO

Did you know that most people will search for a restaurant while they’re out and about? If you aren’t visible online, you may as well not exist. We can make sure that your website has enough relevant keyword saturation to help people locate you. For example, using local descriptors about your business can help when people are searching for “steakhouse in Minneapolis.”

Understanding how the algorithms of search engines populate results is our business. We can re-word your website to improve your rankings and visibility. There are several things that web crawlers like when populating results, and we can help you fix that.

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Incorporate Videos

Many people, especially the powerful Millennial buying generation, love consuming information through videos. Adding a behind the scenes look at a busy night in your restaurant or including some simple tutorials of your favorite dishes can really boost your web traffic. The web crawlers, part of Google’s search engine algorithms, scan the content of websites in addition to keywords. Sites that have multiple forms of media, not just text, typically rank higher.
The quality of the video is just as important as the quality of the content. For a business, you need a professional-looking video that presents you in your best light. Our videographer services can help you create and produce fun, sharable videos.

Increase Your Likes and Followers

Leveraging social media can help you reach more customers. Our digital marketing service can use sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to create branded content that tells your unique story. Creating an engaging social media profile can help you stand out from the crowd of restaurants online. Plus, social media allows your fans to engage with you more, asking questions about dishes or commenting on your photos, videos, and blogs.

Managing social media for a restaurant or restaurant group is a full-time job, and maintaining new contact and interacting with people on social media can take a lot of time. We can help you integrate your social media and your website, directing customers from one site to the other. We can help you ask for feedback from fans, like what their favorite dishes are, or some specials they’d like to see on your menu.
We can also set up timed posts or tweets so that your content is always fresh.

Work With Influencers

Having a strong social media presence is important to gaining new customers, but you can really increase your visibility online by partnering with local influencers in the foodie scene. Social media influencers may have a large following, and when you’re cross-promoting your brand with theirs, you’ll benefit from their reach.
We can help pinpoint several influencers to invite you to dine with you or shoot a video of them working on a new recipe with you. Or, you can invite local bloggers and restaurant critics for a meal to encourage them to write positive reviews of your business. Maybe you can invite guest bloggers to post on your site, promoting their participation on your site with theirs.
Our service includes finding the right influencers, local ones, that can partner well with your brand’s story, people whose social media presence fits with the personality of your restaurant and your own profile.

Create Promotions That Work

Text and email promotions still work, and part of our restaurant digital marketing services include creating actionable text and email promotions to bring your new followers into your restaurant. We can help you gather a full email blast list and use customer management software to develop different promotions that appeal to different customer profiles.

Collecting business cards in a little fishbowl at your host stand can get you a big list of people you know that already like you, but don’t let those valuable email addresses collect dust! When you leverage your email address list into a marketing tool, you can see who’s read your emails, who clicks on any links you have, and who hasn’t read your emails for a while. We can help you tailor promotions to loyal customers and different ones to re-engage customers who have drifted away.

Ready To Get Started?

Digital marketing initiatives for your restaurant are a simple yet effective way to grow new business, engage more with your customer base, and help you develop a greater reputation around town. We’re a team of professional marketers who understand the specific needs of a restaurant, and we can’t wait to work with you.

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